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From first contact through design to system sign-off, SolarPlus can help to boost sales and reduce time on administration. One tool to size and design systems, generate performance estimates, quote and produce system documentation.


Putting Customers First

SolarPlus helps you win and satisfy customers with professional reports, accurate performance assessment and comprehensive system documentation.


Online mapping & … well, everything

Online integration with mapping, weather and radiation data made SolarPlus almost the only tool you need. Daily updates add more inverter and module specs and keep you up to date.


High Resolution Results

SolarPlus produces accurate performance reports using the highest resolution solar radiation data available – within ~ 5km of the site. Impress customers with professional reports produced in minutes.



Solar PV System Documentation Manual

SolarPlus System Manual

SolarPlus completes the job producing a system manual meeting all requirements of AS/NZ Standards.  

Why choose


Compliance made easy

SolarPlus makes it easy to design safely to standards and industry best practice as well as ticking all the boxes for system documentation.

Save time and money

Streamline workflow with an intuitive design, quote and documentation tool suitable for admin, sales and design staff.

Duplicate your efforts

Use SolarPlus templates to save popular system designs complete with all component and quote details.

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